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PEDRESTRI CONDITION (#pedestricondition)

My interest as an artist is to provide a visual reference from which the viewer can be re-introduced to art history. My Fragments are stimulated from the passion of one artist to another showing a wide range of influences, including sources from the Renaissance to contemporary artists.


I use appropriation as an act of re-contextualizing, or altering pre-existing information. What I use has been already appropriated; and this pre-appropriated information can be historical or contemporary art, or popular culture. Re-appropriation is the vehicle that I use for a variety of viewpoints that have been used throughout the history of art, both celebratory and critical. It is my practice to create new works by taking a pre-existing appropriated image from another context, art history or media and combine it.

My art is a reflection of my journey and a self-communication of vision and experience that reaches beyond a single moment in time. The work emphasizes freedom of creativity, the right to use and abuse imagery; including masterpieces, for personal aesthetic reasons and as a response to my space and time.


With this project, “Pedestricondition”, I wanted to re-appropriate Banksy, pioneer and major figure of street and contemporary art. It is my belief that Banksy must be appreciated as a classic, in my work he is already at the same level where the great masters are.


For this project I have re-appropriate Banksy’s flowers to give human condition to a simple traffic signal without altering its original function. I hope that someone will enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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